The combination of clean-cut garments and simple yet modern designs.

Farlø Palù was created in 2018 and described as a ready-to-wear label, focused on the combination of clean-cut garments and simple yet modern designs. We are inspired by the Scandinavian and French culture and designs, which are translated into our collections. Our collection is presented as gender-neutral, which is also experienced at our website. 

The products are created by using fabrics and crafts from Portugal. We aim for the highest quality and desire to deliver our customers more than expected.

Proudly produced in

  • Soft Fabric

    Our fabric is carefully sourced and has a very soft feeling/touch to it. Jersey, Terry and more. Wear it, touch it and feel it.

  • Stitching

    Our partners have a very precise stichting method, which reflects to the quality of our finished items.

  • All Day Comfort

    We believe getting dressed should be the
    easiest part of your day. Our items are perfectly made for every day, every time.

The world needs to move fast to make a meaningful
difference in the fight against climate change.

We care about the environment and the climate change. Therefore, when it came to produce our collections, we always took the environmental consequences in consideration. From fabric to labels, hangtags and bags. 

We realize there is a contradiction in the fashion industry with sustainability. Therefore, with every collection we are very conscious in our sourcing and production phases. We also fight over consumption, by making high quality items ,which lasts for a long time.