Partnership Mael (Topnotch x Namam)

by Siranjeev Thiyagarajah on May 05, 2020

Partnership Mael (Topnotch x Namam)

Mael is born in Friesland (NL) and grew up in a village near Haarlem. As a young skillful footballer, it looked like he was destined to become a professional footballer. However, during his youth, he got attached to music. 

He got inspired by the early "00, by listening to a lot of R&B. However, the ones who really inspired him to do something with music are Kempi & Cho. 

He started to study at the Herman Brood Academie, to become an MC. During his academy, he always found ways to stand out. He used this to create his own cross-over between singing and rapping. Mael describes his music as "just different". 

Oktober 2016, it's a period that will not be forgotten by Mael. He has already been posting some of his music on his Instagram page. But this time, these videos were seen by producer Reverse and Kees de Koning. This resulted in a contract at Topnotch!

Mael's latest album is from 2019, PR1NS. The album has a lot of great numbers, which also reflects his cross-overs between singing and rapping. Recently, he also had a great show together with Cho at the Paradiso (Amsterdam).

The future looks bright for this young man, he is hungry and ready to bring out more fire soon!

In the meanwhile, he also did a session from his album at the studio at FunX. Where he, of course, featured one of his many Farlø Palù items!

Mael with the Andersøn T-Shirt!

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